The Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring is generally used in residential areas and public buildings. Concrete is very useful for durability, water stores, good wearing properties, smooth and pleasing in appearance, easy maintenance, and is economical. It is made up of three basic components: aggregate (sand, rock, and gravel), water, and Portland cement. It is a great alternative to […]


5 Latest Trends Office Furniture Fit-outs

2021 will continue to be a challenge for interior designers and businesses with the definition of ‘work’ becoming increasingly complex. 2021 office design trends and beyond will continue to return the modern-day needs of not only businesses and their employees but the environment as well. The environmental and flexible activity-based working design will continue to […]


What Challenges Faced in Interior Fit-outs and How to Solve Them?

For many people, interior design is like an expense, but if it is done in the right way, they are an investment in your home’s/business’s growth and success after on. Still, poorly organized fit-outs can often result in a nightmare, so you must plan the fit-outs in a way where you can take into account […]


What is the impact of Office fit outs during this pandemic situation?

After the COVID19 outbreak, working from home has become the new pattern for most office-bound employees now. With the use of appropriate technologies employees can still perform their job tasks and continue to reach their targets and deliver results. So, if most of the staff don’t need to always be in the office, is there […]


What is the Interior Fit-Out? Define its various Categories?

What is Fit-Out? “Fit-out” is the process of forming an interior space ready for occupation. fit-outs allow the business to design and create how the establishment will look like. It refers to activities such as the furnishings, ceilings, partitions, and installation of the floors. Additionally, building services such as wiring, cabling, communication arrangements, and internet […]

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