5 Latest Trends Office Furniture Fit-outs

2021 will continue to be a challenge for interior designers and businesses with the definition of ‘work’ becoming increasingly complex. 2021 office design trends and beyond will continue to return the modern-day needs of not only businesses and their employees but the environment as well. The environmental and flexible activity-based working design will continue to fill throughout the industry as the well-being of employees will endure as a key factor when designing office space. Talent has gone global and attracting and engaging the best talent is no longer as simple as offering a slightly better salary package. Employees will continue to look for companies that offer a better work-life balance and work environments that are creative and engaging. As we become more interconnected via the use of new technology, hard work environments will continue their decline covering the way for more flexible work arrangements. 2021 office design trends will continue to improve upon the workplace changes over the last decade.

1. Dynamic Design

The flexible needs of tasks will approve the dynamic design in the workplace. The walls will be movable, Furniture will become increasingly lightweight, And will not only be ergonomic but also multifunctional while advancing the technological innovations of the last decade.

Key Features:

  • Furniture-forward
  • Lightweight
  • Moveable / Wheels
  • Ergonomic
  • Multifunctional

2. Biophilia & Botanical Workspaces

Greenery will become second nature to employees as they move around openly in their office. Attaching gardens and indoor plants will greet them as they open the glass door smelling a cup of freshly brewed coffee from the workplace cafeteria.

Key Features:

  • Natural woods and stone features
  • Highly designed green spaces
  • Workspace utilization technologies
  • Natural lighting
  • Nature-friendly environment
  • Structural and wall construction
  • Natural accent details
  • Biomorphic forms and patterns

3. The Variety of One Colour

Colour choice in office design will be well focused and will be primarily one colour. Variation will come from different shades, tones, tints, patterns and textures throughout the workspace, drawing people in through the use of colour saturation that will support creative thinking in the workplace.

Key Features:

  • Variation of tone, shade, and tint
  • Textures and patterns
  • One brand-focused colour
  • Soft hues and bold, dramatic shades
  • Precious palettes and matte finishes

4. Get Smart with Furniture

AI standing desks that hint you to stretch? How about chairs that tell you when you’re slouching, or sofas that measure your biometrics? Smart furniture is on the acceleration, and it has office spaces constantly in the crosshairs.

The smooth designs and trendy materials help bring a modern pulsation to the office space, while the technology itself communicates our increasingly technological world. We are now living in a seamlessly digital world, and our workspaces will soon match that.

5. Frictionless Technology

Smart technology and devices will continue to change the way we work. Scheduling a meeting room will be as simple as touching a screen. Moving into a meeting room with a connected device will automatically log attendance with the option to auto-create meeting moments via a digital assistant. A robot might even serve your morning cup of coffee as you begin your daily tasks in the newly opened office library.

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