What is the Interior Fit-Out? Define its various Categories?

What is Fit-Out?

“Fit-out” is the process of forming an interior space ready for occupation. fit-outs allow the business to design and create how the establishment will look like. It refers to activities such as the furnishings, ceilings, partitions, and installation of the floors. Additionally, building services such as wiring, cabling, communication arrangements, and internet connectivity also fall under the fitting-out process.

Different types of Fit-Out

There are major three types of Fit-Out:

  • Shell and core.
  • Category A.
  • Category B.

Shell and Core

Shell and Core, The Base Building or we can say the first stage of Fit-Out. The shell of a building is the component that divides the interior space of the structure from its exterior and surrounding areas. This idea involves the building landlord planning and constructing the core, or inside a building surrounded by the outside shell.

  • Shell and core cover the structure, it is cladding, its base plant, external works, and completed common areas.
  • It includes Building envelope, external walls, including insulation, balustrade, glazing, and roofs.
  • Finished current and common areas including main reception, staircases, lobbies, plant rooms, toilets, lift shafts, riser shafts, loading bays, basements, and car parking.
  • compartmentation is also part of the shell and core.
  • All the base plant includes High and low voltage switchgear, Lift systems, Transformers, Boilers, A standby generator, Cooling towers, Chillers, Water and fuel tanks, Building control systems, Sprinkler plant, Dry risers, Water and fuel pumps, Air conditioning chambers and fans, Fire detection, alarm, and hose reel systems, etc.

Category A

A step up from Shell and Core, The Second Stage, Category A provides a fully functional but empty space complete with basic installations and electrical and mechanical services (fire detection, air-con, lighting) in place. This would be the functioning space that landowners would leave it up to tenants to install the operative design and finish their workplace into the form of a Cat B fit-out. There are no fittings, fixtures, conference rooms or partitions, It only provides an empty building with lighting, small power, fire alarm, heating, suspended ceilings, and floor finishes.

The fully customizable space will typically include:

  • Base build services or plant upgrades
  • Raised access floors
  • Environmental accreditation
  • Exposed or suspended ceilings
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